What is RapidStart CRM?

How do we help Partners succeed with Dynamics 365?

The over-arching goal of RapidStart CRM is to help a lot of partners get a lot of customers get turned up quickly on Dynamics 365, with enough value that they will renew their subscription and not “churn”.
Our path to this goal is through-partners, by enabling them to confidently offer CRM to their new and existing customers, in an affordable and risk free way.


How we accomplish this is a longer story…

RapidStart CRM is a combination of a Solution (CRM Addon) and a service component, which combined represent a “RapidStart Deployment Model”. Why couldn’t this just be a one-size fits all Solution? Because that could never reach the value “Tipping Point” for an end customer.

Every business is different. There is a lot of room between a one-size-fits-all approach and a full custom deployment. Out of the box, Dynamics 365 would be considered a one-size-fits-all solution, but out of the box it actually fits no customers very well. RapidStart CRM lands between these two extremes.

The initial equation we had to solve for was: What is the minimum degree of customization that is required to reach the value Tipping-Point for a customer?

Unlike SharePoint Online, which for most Office 365 users is included with their subscription, Dynamics 365 is a separate cost that stands alone and must be justified individually.

Customer Barriers Overcome

Deployment costs are too high or unknown


CRM is too complicated


CRM will take too long to deploy


Our people won’t learn it and won’t use it

Partner Barriers Overcome

We can’t risk a failure with our customers


We don’t know how to sell CRM


We don’t know how to deploy CRM


We don’t know how to price CRM