While the value of RapidStart CRM is obvious for partners who are not planning on building a CRM practice, our model can also provide significant benefits to those partners who have already established a CRM practice, or are on the path to creating one.


CRM Learners

For the Partner who is on the path to developing a CRM practice, RapidStart CRM can eliminate your risks. The scariest CRM deployment your firm will ever do is it’s first one. This is where your training around sales and deployment smacks into reality. Suddenly your customer is asking you to explain things that you only experienced in a lab, or maybe not at all. The sales conversation for a new partner can easily get beyond your real-world knowledge, leaving the customer with the impression that you really don’t know the product very well. Or worse, you start ad-libbing about capabilities that you really don’t know that well and oversell the product, as well as your abilities.

When you successfully close your first CRM deal, you are now committed to satisfying that customer and moving down a path that you do not have any historical references for about time and effort. It is common to lose your shirt for a while as you learn how long it actually takes to accomplish the various tasks required to meet the customer’s expectations, including all of the tasks you forgot to include in the SOW, but have to do anyway. When you are upside-down on a project, the tendency is to pull back, which almost always leaves the customer dissatisfied.

RapidStart CRM can be an excellent model to build your practice on top of. Our solution provides you with a turn-key deployment capability to get your customer up-and-running with Dynamics 365 quickly and at a low fixed cost. We completely eliminate the risk of losing your shirt, as well as simplifying the sales conversation. You can start safely building your CRM practice seat count immediately. It is also much easier to assist a customer with adding capabilities to a CRM system they are already using, and getting value out of, than getting it initially launched.

CRM Veterans

For the established CRM practice, RapidStart CRM can help you tap into the huge SMB market, many of which will grow into larger companies. When you look at the features and services that we provide in our model, it is pretty easy to realize that you could not provide this level of deployment at anywhere near the cost, and that’s assuming that you can even financially justify fielding a team for it.

The challenge for the established partner with SMB, is that it is very difficult to get that customer to commit to a significant expenditure based on demos alone. Good luck getting the Small or Midsized Business owner to agree to a paid “Discovery”, “Visioning” or white-boarding session.

So you have a conundrum; you can’t afford to get them started for what they are willing to spend in time and money at that point, but you cringe every time you send one of these opportunities away. You know very well, once they start using CRM, they will want to do more, often much more, but you can’t take a loss today, gambling on the possibility of “real” revenue tomorrow!

RapidStart CRM can be an excellent option for those opportunities that you might otherwise have to pass on. If you have reviewed our model, you know that there is enormous opportunity to take that customer much further, post-deployment. For your larger opportunities that are new to Dynamics 365, RapidStart CRM can also be an excellent Proof of Concept or Pilot solution, providing you with the safety of a fixed cost, as well as a quick deployment so you can maintain the momentum and enthusiasm of a new opportunity.