We have re-imagined our Partner Program to better align with Microsoft’s goals for SMB Customers globally.

Previously, our partner program allowed our partners to resell our RapidStart Solution, and perform the required steps to complete a RapidStart deployment.

Over 300 partners signed up with us globally, and we thank you for that.

RapidStart was designed, together with Microsoft as a high scale, low touch model, with a primary goal of generating license sales.

What we have discovered is that Microsoft’s goals and our Partners’ goals were not necessarily in sync.

For the vast majority of our partners, Project Services, including advanced customizations, integrations and support, generate the majority of their revenue. For most, Licensing was not a significant factor, and in fact presented challenges in many cases. We also discovered that many of our partners struggled with generating new leads, the initial sales conversation and new customer on-boarding, all of which are required to reach the Project Services goal.

We feel we have a better approach to solving these issues and are pivoting our partner program, as follows:

  1. Forceworks is in the process of shifting our model to a direct-to-customer motion.
  2. Forceworks is in the process of establishing additional legal entities in the following countries for the purpose of scale license sales via Direct CSP: United Kingdom (For all EU Member countries), Canada, Australia (for APAC) and LATAM.
  3. Forceworks is establishing automated direct sales operations in each of these countries, in cooperation with Microsoft, specifically to sell Dynamics 365 licenses, utilizing our RapidStart solution for initial on-boarding.
  4. Forceworks will not be providing project services for these customers, but is establishing a network of qualified partners, to service these customers post-RapidStart.
  5. Partners will no longer be required to sell and perform RapidStart deployments, that will now be handled entirely by the Forceworks team(s).

Why are we doing this?

RapidStart was designed as a high-scale model, however it was offered through a partner channel that, for the most part, was not motivated by scale. Through deep discussions with the Microsoft leadership team for Dynamics 365, we mutually agreed that a different approach was required to meet the scale goals.

So what does this mean for our partners?

Our goal is to provide our partners with a steady stream of new customers, who are already deployed at a basic level, and are looking to do more with Dynamics 365.

Forceworks will maintain the Licensing relationship. Forceworks’ global revenue model is based on license sales, and RapidStart margin.

Our new minimum requirements for partners include at least a Silver Cloud CRM Competency (or Business Solutions MVP), and a proven track record of satisfying more complex customer requirements, within the SMB space.

Note, all previous partners have been removed from our program. If you are interested in our new program, you will need to re-apply here.