Victor Morales
VP Enterprise Partners - Microsoft
"Forceworks is one of our great Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partners that have clear focus on the Small and Medium Business segment. The RapidStart CRM Deployment Program is an innovative approach to enable Microsoft Partners to extend their portfolio to CRM Online without the need to immediately build a CRM Online practice"

Peter Eicher
SVP IT - Gulfshore Bank
"Overall the experience with Microsoft Cloud has been wonderful... Microsoft Dynamic CRM allows us to do more with less"

Joe Johnson
Cloud Solutions AE - Tech Data
“RapidStart CRM complements our growing suite of cloud solutions and services. Its innovative technology empowers partners with the ability to shorten and simplify the Microsoft Dynamic CRM implementation and adoption lifecycle.”

Rusty Boozer
Partner, The Interlochen Group
"In addition to accelerating the process, RapidStart CRM simplified the process of implementing Dynamics CRM Online" Partner: SBS Group

Mike Ward
Director Cloud Sales - Tech Data
“Tech Data Cloud is committed to providing innovative tools and services that satisfy the technology needs of tomorrow—including on-premises, hybrid and cloud services. RapidStart CRM is a perfect addition to our cloud solutions portfolio, as it provides a unique opportunity for partners to diversify or expand their current cloud solution offerings.”

Rosalyn Arntzen
"RapidStart CRM helps us to deploy quickly, allowing us to focus our efforts/expertise on implementing the correct business processes for long term customer CRM success. RapidStart CRM has enabled Amaxra to grow our CRM business with SMB customers, in a well thought out structured ramp with scale, that otherwise would have been difficult to do"

Matt Hall
"RapidStart CRM worked exactly as expected, we spent less than 2 hours with the client reviewing the wizards and the customer received their customized online CRM system within 2 days"

Daniel Johnson
“By leveraging the RapidStart CRM process and wizards, our team is able to successfully deliver CRM projects to our clients in a fraction of the time. Clients know what to expect and feel confident that our team is following a structured roadmap to ensure their project stays on time and on budget. RapidStart CRM will continue to be a key partner in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice.”

Ed O’Carroll
COO - Gulfshore Bank
"The combination of getting up and moving forward quickly and under budget was very valuable to us, and RapidStart CRM definitely provided that"

Brent Combest
WW Director Business Strategy - Microsoft
"Their knowledge across the landscape of our technologies including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, enables them to provide deep technical and business aptitude for helping companies build and deploy their cloud strategies. Their team has proven themselves to be one of the leading partners globally for Microsoft's Online Services"