What Countries is RapidStart CRM Available in?

RapidStart CRM is available in any country where Dynamics 365 is available, however it only available in English Language today.

What is RapidStart CRM?

RapidStart CRM is a combination of a Solution and a Service performed by us, based on the input of you, or your customer, through our wizard-driven interface that is designed to provide for the rapid deployment, adoption and time to value of Dynamics 365 for your customers.

Why would my customer want RapidStart CRM?

The number one reason would be: Speed to ROI.

Dynamics 365 is an additional expense for your customer that stands alone.

You, as well as your customers, need them to quickly realize a return on that investment, and RapidStart CRM is designed to do exactly that.

Is RapidStart CRM a complete solution for my customer?

That depends on the customer's needs. For many SMBs, our RapidStart CRM model may be all they ever need.

For others, a combination of our RapidStart CRM model combined with some of our addons, fulfills their needs.

For still others, and larger customers, our RapidStart CRM is a fast, low-cost starting point for further custom development.

What size customer is RapidStart CRM designed for?

As a standardized model, with limited customization, RapidStart CRM is an ideal solution for the SMB Market including small and mid-sized businesses; from about 10 users, up to about 250 Dynamics 365 users. For your smaller customers, RapidStart CRM may be all they ever need, for larger customers it can be a great start upon which they can build. It is rare that all users of an organization will be users of Dynamics 365, it is usually a subset of the total employee base.

Can RapidStart CRM be used with On-Premise CRM?

Sorry, No. Our RapidStart CRM model succeeds due to the fact that it is deployed on Dynamics 365 Online from Microsoft only.

Only Microsoft is able to insure us a reliable, consistent platform, running in their own data-centers, for us to perform services on.

Our past experience with on-premise or hosted CRM has proved to be problematic due to wide-ranging variables in the environments that are beyond our control.

Also, due to the number of deployments that we initiate, Microsoft has provided us with a dedicated support team should any issues arise with their platform.


What can RapidStart CRM do for a Partner?

Our RapidStart CRM is a very easy way for any Microsoft Partner to engage with the Dynamics 365 opportunity without having to staff up, train or get certified. In fact, you don't need to know a thing about CRM.

Microsoft is offering a higher partner incentive on Dynamics 365 than any other cloud service that they offer today.

Microsoft is generating high demand by heavily promoting Dynamics 365 to customers of all sizes as a great platform for growing their businesses.

Dynamics 365 is easy to add to your customer accounts and is sometimes the first Microsoft Cloud service they acquire and can drive the addition of other services.

You don't want to be caught flat-footed when your customer asks about Dynamics 365, instead you can confidently attack this opportunity with RapidStart CRM.

How much does RapidStart CRM Cost?

It's free to register for RapidStart CRM and check out our resources and partner pricing.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward and is designed to provide value for both partners and their customers.

To view pricing, partners should register and visit the Partner Portal.

Is this like "Skykick" for Dynamics 365?

Yes and No. RapidStart CRM is often compared to SkyKick.

Similar to Skykick, we are providing Microsoft Partners an easy path to engage with a particular Microsoft Cloud Solution, in our case Dynamics 365.

Where Skykick provides a powerful automated platform for partners to use, to easily perform a migration of a customer to Office 365; RapidStart CRM, rather than a platform that you use, is actually a service performed by us on your behalf. RapidStart CRM is actually less work than Skykick.

What is the Partner revenue opportunity with RapidStart CRM?

There are several revenue opportunities with RapidStart CRM depending on your level of engagement. At the minimum, there is your markup on the RapidStart CRM service itself in addition to license revenue you will earn from Microsoft or your distributor; you can sign your customer up, buy their licenses, give them direct access to our portal and go on about your day. Or, if you want to maximize your revenue opportunity, there are several areas where you can provide white glove assistance to your customer and consulting. Full details of the revenue opportunity for partners are shared with registered partners, sign up today, there is no cost or obligation.

Should I send my customer a trial link for Dynamics 365 first?

Absolutely... that is, if you never want to hear from them about Dynamics 365 again!

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 30 day trial provides direct access for your customer to the full Enterprise level experience.

The trial conversion rate for independent customer trials is extremely low.

On their own, many customers will quickly reach the conclusion that Dynamics 365 is too complex, or is going to be too expensive to deploy, or that it is simply too big for them.

Should I demo Dynamics 365 for my customer first?

Related to the trial question, a Dynamics 365 demo often has the same effect.

If you are capable of performing a compelling demo of Dynamics 365, without making it look too complicated, then you are among a rare breed.

As a partner you will have access to our library of video demos that you can safely share with your customers.

What if my customer wants additional development later?

We continue to develop a growing global network of Dynamics 365 development partners who are very interested in following a RapidStart CRM deployment and assisting you with these additional development requests.

Our development partners that we refer have agreed to abide by our Development Partner Code of Ethics.

We are not compensated by our development partners in any way for this referral service.

Can I download a copy of the RapidStart CRM Deployment Guide ?

The RapidStart CRM Deployment Guide is a proprietary document that is available in the Partner portal to registered Partners who have agreed to the terms and conditions of partnership.

Who provides Dynamics 365 support?

This depends on how you purchase your customer licenses.
Basically your support options for Dynamics 365 are the same as you have for Office 365.
RapidStart CRM does not introduce any proprietary code of our own.
RapidStart CRM does not offer free support of any kind.

Do you offer a Partner discount for Internal Use?

For our reseller partners we offer a 50% discount on one RapidStart CRM deployment for their own internal use, or for their RapidStart CRM Demo tenant.

What if I have Dynamics 365 prospects, but I am not a Microsoft Partner?

We suggest you explore becoming a Microsoft Partner.

There is no cost and you are able to collect license revenue if you affiliate with a distributor and purchase through CSP.

RapidStart CRM is available exclusively through our Microsoft Partner resellers and your Microsoft Partner ID is required to register as a reseller.

Who is behind RapidStart CRM?

RapidStart CRM originated from a service developed by Forceworks, a 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year.

Forceworks pioneered the RapidStart approach with their own customer base and proved the model over many deployments.

Now, RapidStart CRM, an independent entity, is enabling other Microsoft Partners to confidently offer Dynamics 365 to their customers.


What would be the easiest way for me to get started?

Find one "eager beaver" on your sales team and send them to our portal to go through our training materials to learn how to sell Dynamics 365.

Then turn them loose on your existing customers using our ready-to-go messaging templates and call scripts.

As a fixed price model, RapidStart CRM easily fits into a commission based compensation plan.

Do you offer sales support?

We provide sales training and messaging templates in our portal, and we are happy to put you in touch with a sales specialist to provide guidance on particular scenarios or opportunities.

Except for very rare circumstances, we are not able to engage directly with your customers.

Does the RapidStart CRM include the license/subscription?

The Dynamics 365 license or subscription is purchased separately from your distributor, CSP or from Microsoft directly. It is not included in the RapidStart CRM solution.

Is RapidStart CRM available as a white labeled service?

Yes and No. The deployment portion of our service is performed in a separate portal from our portal for partners. This was done to allow those partners who wish to, to send their customers directly for self-deployment. This Deployment Portal has minimal branding and no direct contact information for us, and could easily be "iframed" into a partners' website.