Here are answers to some common questions about our RapidStartCRM Global Partner Program.

Getting Started

Is there a cost to be a Partner?

There is no cost to be a RapidStartCRM Partner.

What are the Partner qualifying Criteria?

The RapidStartCRM Partner Program will be open to partners based in all english-speaking countries, except the United States. We operate a direct-to-customer model in the US.

We expect our Partners to be active with Microsoft Cloud solutions like Office 365, Managed Services, Azure or other related services.

Partners who currently have a Dynamics 365 practice are not eligible for this program.

Are there any Performance expectations from the Partner?

Not specifically, but we may drop Partners from the program if they are not successful.

Will you need to have a direct relationship with my customer?

We will. Beginning with the sales process that you will be relying on us to provide, but also throughout the engagement to make sure we are meeting the client’s requirements.

You are invited to observe and receive any communications if you like.

How do I know you won't compete with me?

Since a requirement of our Partners is that they are not engaged with Microsoft Business Applications, including Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, so no conflict exists.

Only in the United States do we offer Microsoft licenses.

We do not sell or support any Microsoft technologies other than Microsoft Business Applications.

Partner Process

What is expected of a Partner?

For your customers or prospects that you feel might be “Qualified” Leads for RapidStartCRM,¬†we would expect you to send them to our RapidStartCRM Test Drive on AppSource (an Email template will be provided).

You would also need to register the lead with a simple online form.

We will confirm the Test Drive was taken by the customer.

Who does the selling?

We do!

Our sales team will work directly with your registered Qualified Leads, to explain the process and take all steps necessary to close the sale for you.

What is a Qualified RapidStartCRM Lead?

A “Qualified RapidStartCRM Lead” is a decision maker at a non-US organization with at least 20 potential RapidStartCRM users who has taken a Test Drive, and is a current Microsoft Office 365 customer.

How do I keep track of this?

We have a simple portal where you can see all of the leads you registered using our Lead Registration Form.

In addition you can see the current status, including partner payout amount by lead.


Microsoft licensing?

Forceworks offers Microsoft licensing only in the United States. So you would sell the customer the Microsoft licenses directly, or they would buy them directly from Microsoft if you are not equipped to sell them.

The minimum Microsoft License that is required for RapidStartCRM is a PowerApps P2, but it will also function on any higher Customer Engagement license.

RapidStartCRM Licensing

In addition to the Microsoft PowerApps P2 licenses, your customer will need licenses for our RapidStartCRM I.P. at the cost of $20 USD/User/month.

We can bill either you or your customer directly for the RapidStartCRM licenses.


How is the Lead Commission Calculated?

There is no commission paid on the RapidStartCRM licenses alone.

Commissions are paid on our RapidLABS services. RapidStartCRM is an accelerator, and 100% of our customers with 20 users or more, purchase our RapidLABS services to extend the solution to meet their specific needs.

RapidLABS services are offered on a pre-paid block of hours model.

Block Size Rate Total Your Commission
10 $200/hr $2,000 $1,000
20 $175/hr $3,500 $1,750
40 $150/hr $6,000 $3,000
80 $125/hr $10,000 $5,000
Is there recurring revenue?

This depends on how the Microsoft Licenses are procured. You will receive recurring compensation in the same way you do for Office 365 licensing today.

There is no recurring revenue on the RapidStartCRM Licenses.

Our Partners will receive a one-time payment for each customer, based on the initial RapidLABS services order.

When and How do I get paid?

Payments will be processed the Monday following the receipt of payment from the customer for the Pre-Paid Block of RapidLABS Services.

Payments will be made via direct transfer to the Partner’s bank account.

Customer Support

Who provides support for RapidStartCRM?

Forceworks will provide customer support for RapidStartCRM and we will require Delegated Admin privileges which are needed to provision the environment, install the RapidStartCRM application, and to perform the RapidLABS services.

We offer free community forum support otherwise all support is provided by Forceworks via RapidLABS services.