In the Partner Portal you can download a copy of our RapidStart CRM Deployment Guide. This guide provides easy to understand, in-depth information and examples for every step of the RapidStart CRM deployment process. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about CRM to follow this guide. The RapidStart CRM Deployment Guide is suitable for passing on directly to your customer, or for your own use to provide an additional service of assisting and guiding your customer through the deployment process.


Once your order is placed, you as the reselling Partner, will perform a few steps so that we can begin, including creating your customer’s CRM subscription, setting yourself as their Partner of Record and providing us with access to perform the RapidStart CRM services. You should be able to accomplish this is less than an hour after which you will provide us this information in the Portal. Once this is done, you can relax and we will take over for a while.


We will install an add-on that we have created for our model that will setup the Dynamics 365 instance to receive our services and update the navigation and form layouts. We will also install our Integrated Training add-on and the Insights add-on for our RapidStart CRM model.