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The world’s First CRM, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, that isn’t Dynamics 365.

The Mission of RapidStartCRM

We believe that Business Applications have become extremely powerful tools. If you are looking for that kind of power, you need to accept that there will be significant complexity. We also believe that many customers today, while impressed by that power, just want an application they can easily use… today. For them, Power can be added over time.

“Rapid” is not only part of our name, it is an over-arching goal in the design of RapidStartCRM. We want you to be able to use our applications with minimal training, and to be able to perform any task quickly. We want RapidStartCRM to be an enabler, not a blocker of productivity for your customer relationships. Speed is achieved through a combination of an intuitive structure, clear organization and minimizing steps.

We hope you will discover, that compared to other CRM applications, we have accomplished our goals.

RapidStartCRM – Certified for Dynamics 365

Say goodbye to managing customers with Outlook and Spreadsheets

Jump over the usual lengthy CRM deployment process

Instead of spending weeks or months just to develop an overly complex system, how about a fast, low-cost alternative you can be using in hours?

Give your users an awesome App experience

RapidStartCRM apps are streamlined, super easy to learn, CRM Applications, powered by Dynamics 365 that include training for new users, all designed for quick adoption.

Easy to Tweak
No Consultants Required!

RapidStartCRM Apps are built on the Microsoft Power Platform. “Citizen Developer” capabilities allow you to customize yourself… but we can help.

Built for Rapid Success…
powered by the Microsoft Cloud

Our value proposition is simple, RapidStartCRM is an easy-to-use, complete CRM application, built on the Power Platform that powers Microsoft Dynamics 365.
A World Class Enterprise-Grade platform, that you can never outgrow.