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Join us for an upcoming Webinar to Learn all about RapidStartCRM

Customer Webinar

Since we made our RapidStartCRM App free, we have had a lot of inquiries from customers, posing similar questions. In this webinar, we will answer all of these questions, and any others you may have.


  1. Is RapidStartCRM really “Free”?
  2. What is RapidStartCRM?
  3. What can you do with RapidStartCRM?
  4. What else can you do with RapidStartCRM?
  5. What services do we offer to assist customers?

November 5th, at Noon EST

Partner Webinar

We have also had a lot of questions from partners. In this webinar, we will answer all of these questions.


  1. Is RapidStartCRM really “Free”?
  2. What is RapidStartCRM?
  3. What can a customer do with RapidStartCRM?
  4. What else can a customer do with RapidStartCRM?
  5. Basic Customizations for Partners.
  6. Advanced Customizations for Partners.
  7. What services do we offer to assist partners?

November 5th, at 1:30 EST

our Applications

A Whole Family of RapidStartCRM Solutions

Original RapidStartCRM

The world’s leading CRM Solution built on the Power Platform. Designed specifically to be easy-to-use, and fully extendable. Start with a platform you can never outgrow! Now Free!

RapidStartCRM Referral

The Original RapidStartCRM, optimized for the Referral Management Business Model.

RapidStartCRM Homebuilder

Based on the Original RapidStartCRM, then Purpose built for Production Homebuilders.


Our continuous Training and Support model to ensure you get the most out of RapidStartCRM for surprisingly a low monthly cost.

How2 by RapidStartCRM

A solution that can be added to any instance to provide in app training assets that you create.

fully certified

Certified by Microsoft!

Why take chances? Your goal is to solve a problem, not create new ones.

RapidStartCRM is a proven solution since 2015. In addition to being Certified by Microsoft, it is also a Microsoft “Preferred Solution” in Appsource, and a “Prioritized Solution” for Microsoft’s own field sales teams.

“A Microsoft preferred solution is a cloud application selected for its quality, performance, and ability to address customer needs in a certain industry vertical or solution area. A team of Microsoft experts validates solutions from partners with specific proven competencies and capabilities. Link

Choosing poorly can lead to, in a worst case, lost data or compromised security… in a best case, it was just a waste of your time and money.

Choose well.. Choose RapidStartCRM

apps that Double as Accelerators

Use RapidStartCRM as is,
or as a Start to something much more

The Original RapidStartCRM is a great basic sales application for simple business processes. Our vertical versions build upon that to offer even more. Many organizations successfully use our apps right out-of-the-box.

Where RapidStartCRM shines even brighter is when it is utilized as an accelerator. Anything and everything can be built starting from our solid RapidStartCRM foundation.  Start with replacing a spreadsheet-based process, and keep going all the way to a robust enterprise-wide application managing mission critical processes.

Video overview

A 10 Minute Feature preview


What You Get with RapidStartCRM

Responsive Apps

Fully Customizable


User Security

Built In Dashboards

"Forceworks has been a strategic partner with us in our global commitment to the small, midmarket and corporate segments, and achieving the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 designation for their RapidStartCRM App reflects that commitment."

Gavriella Schuster – CVP Microsoft

"Forceworks is one of the earliest adopters of the PowerApps platform, building a world class and simple experience with RapidStartCRM. I am excited to see the adoption of their offering – It fills a unique position atop PowerApps and the Common Data Service."

Charles Lamanna – Microsoft Power Platform GM

“Forceworks, one of our Gold ISVs, is on the leading edge of our global ISV motions. Their RapidStartCRM solution fits perfectly with our broader ISV strategy. We are very excited about Forceworks' showcasing a significant number of our new platform capabilities in RapidStartCRM

Cecilia Flombaum – Microsoft Worldwide Business Applications Partner Lead

"The team at Forceworks have proven themselves to be one of the leading partners globally for Microsoft’s Online Services. Their knowledge across the landscape of our cloud technologies enables them to provide deep technical and business aptitude for helping companies build and deploy their cloud strategies. "

Brent Combest – Microsoft GM One Commercial Partner

“RapidStartCRM makes CRM simple”

“RapidStartCRM is the perfect fit for customers who know they need to streamline their business processes, are considering Microsoft Dynamics, but don’t know where to start.”

“We had trouble leveraging Dynamics 365 to meet our needs”

“With RapidStartCRM, and some assistance from Forceworks, we were able to stand up a fully functional CRM tool within a couple of weeks, and improve upon it quickly with feedback from our users.”

“extremely knowledgeable and very proactive with customers”

“RapidStartCRM gave us the option we needed to get the customers comfortable, engaged and activated on Business Applications quickly.”

“The perfect start to our journey”

“We started with RapidStartCRM, and have since added Enterprise Sales and Marketing, and we are now on to A.I.. None of this would have happened without the simple start.”

“RapidStartCRM made sense for our enterprise”

“Our Fortune 40 global distribution organization runs our entire cloud sales team on RapidStartCRM. It’s fast, easy to use, and gives us the data we need. We are continuously bringing on new sales team members, and they are able to get productive very quickly.”

Fully Responsive and well thought out

Built for Rapid Use on any Device

Of course RapidStartCRM works on any browser or device, but it also works in Outlook Desktop or Web.

When we talk about “Rapid Use”, we mean it. There is more to making something easy-to-use than just the U.I.; psychology also comes into play.

It’s about putting yourself into a typical end user’s shoes, and building from that place. Reducing steps and shortening paths in the most logical and obvious ways. It is one of the most important aspects of RapidStartCRM.



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